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March 2008
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People, Once Again
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 2:44 pm

Beth Hamon is a member of the City Bikes worker-owned cooperative up in Portland, Oregon. Last year, she took part in the “Get Your Guts In Gear” (GYGIG) ride.  She’s got a couple bikes (1, 2, 3) over in the Current Classics Gallery (in fact, was one of the first people to send in photos), writes an interesting blog over on Livejournal and just started contributing to the Veloquent blog (and wrote this really nice entry).  You can find her recap of last year’s ride on the LJ link.

She’s going to do a different ride this year - a little closer to home and for a different cause - She says it better than I can:

“I went ahead and did it. I signed up to do another charity ride this summer.

After considering what worked and what did not work about GYGIG, I decided that, this year at least, it would be better for me to train for a one-day ride closer to home. A more attainable riding goal, no train ticket to buy (and no potential rail system shutdown to contend with!), and the start and finish are transit-accesible. After talking with several friends and researching the organization a bit, I decided to sign up to do the Portland Livestrong Ride on June 29.

I know, I know: it’s an AWFUL lot of yellow to contend with over the next four months. I imagine the jersey is garish beyond belief and I might well turn it down anyway (seriously, how many free bike jerseys does one gal need?).
That said, it’s also a fantastic cause, which balances its fundraising work between researching a cure for cancer and offering real-time support to cancer patients and their families. And these days, it’s impossible for me to think of anyone I know personally whose life hasn’t been affected in some way by the disease.

So here I go. I’m raising a thousand bucks, minimum. You’re invited to support me in my efforts, on the bike or outta your wallet or both. Check it out here, or wait for the fundraising email that may come your way.”

There’s a link to her fundraising node here:

As I checked it out today, there are already a few names I recognize from the various lists and such that I follow.  Stuff like that just reaffirms my belief in good folks.  Anyway, if you can pitch in and help, I say “go for it!”  (Or, would that be “Just Do It!”…?)

link to her original post

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