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May 2010
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Friday Video Embedding
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 1:08 pm

A few videos crossed my path this last week, and I wanted to put ‘em where I could quickly find ‘em again…


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Rivendell Model Notes
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 1:25 pm

I started this list a while ago, but just came across it doing a search for another document.  Just wanted to append the updates before I forgot to do so. I’ve also put an asterisk (”*”) by those models which have been retired, or are no longer available.

I’ve pondered about this in a couple of places, but so far haven’t
heard too much from people - Been trying to block out a rough order and
timeline of Rivendell bicycle models. This is basically what I’ve come
up with:

Rivendell Road (1st model, pre-ordered by folks as Rivendell Bicycle
Works was created)
My recollection
was that this one was a semi-custom/build tuned to order by Grant

Road Standard*
Rivendell Mountain/Expedition*
Rivendell Longlow*
All Rounder*
Rivendell Cyclocross (not the Legolas)*
Heron Road*
Rivendell Atlantis
Rivendell Rambouillet
Rivendell Custom (true custom order)
Rivendell Saluki* (production of this 650B/584 wheel model was rolled into the Hilsen)
Rivendell Glorius/Wilbury*
Rivendell Bleriot*
Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen

Rivendell Sam Hillborne
Rivendell Betty Foy / Yves Gomez

updates for 2009/2010:

Rivendell Roadeo
SOMA San Marcos / “Amos” (collaboration with  SOMA)
Rivendell “Carbonomas” Fork (not strictly a bicycle, but the only fork they’ve ever offered)
Rivendell Hunqapillar

Rivendell Simpleone (pending replacement for the Quickbeam)

Lies, Damned Lies and Web Polls…
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 11:25 am

Oh crikey… I KNOW more than 27 people rode their bike to work on Thursday (Bike to Work DAY) this week (Bike to Work WEEK)!

Go here:

and vote in the poll.

Gorgeous weather, happy attitude and a short post, cuz I’m actually working…

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Bike Pledge
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 8:21 am

This filtered in off the mojo wire in the past week, and there’s still time to do something.  Unlike the insta-groups on Facebook, you can actually follow up your quest to create a million people by donating to the cause.

The goal of this group - People for Bikes - is pretty simple:

“The goal of peopleforbikes.org is to gather a million names of support,
to speak with one powerful voice—to let policy makers, the media and the
public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted.”

Check it out.  Add your name to the pledge.  As of this morning, it looked like they were in the low 20K range, so there’s a fair amount of ground to cover.  But, sign the pledge and share it with like-minded folks.

You might just win a bike…

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April Mileage
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 5:01 pm

Ahhh… you know it’s bad if I haven’t managed to put up this post until the second week in May.  Oh well.

Actually had an OK number of rides, but nothing of any stantial distance. There was a 61 mile loop stuck in there on the Quickbeam mid-month (with the mother of all leg cramps…), but there were also some worn down and bleah-gaps (y’know “I Got Them Worn Down And Bleah Blues” could be a decent title for a song…).  Had to focus for a nice VO gig late in the month, and since I went into that weekend feeling tuckered and worn, I figured that riding would wait.  In short, I started kind of weak and finished with a whimper as far as riding went.  So, there ya go.

We also had to put Hula down.  Technically, that happened this month, and I’ll probably write a bit about her in more detail. But, she was just pulling in and running down through the month of April.  Sad.  But, time.  And given the choice between riding or curling up with her on the couch, I must say, I opted for the latter.

Again, yoga helped a bit.  Was good on those days for stretching out the stress and sadness.  Was good because our phenomenal instructor added another session we can attend each week.  Had 10 days this last month.  Had a nice VO radio gig and television gig, then finished the month booking an eLearning program. Snuck in 16 riding days, and garnered 282 miles, sneaking in a few more trail rides, so that pushed down the mileage a bit, too. Mostly commutes, and those seemed to be the most direct commutes in memory, for the most part.

Bikey Miles So Far in 2009 -


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