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May 2024
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April Mileage
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 5:01 pm

Ahhh… you know it’s bad if I haven’t managed to put up this post until the second week in May.  Oh well.

Actually had an OK number of rides, but nothing of any stantial distance. There was a 61 mile loop stuck in there on the Quickbeam mid-month (with the mother of all leg cramps…), but there were also some worn down and bleah-gaps (y’know “I Got Them Worn Down And Bleah Blues” could be a decent title for a song…).  Had to focus for a nice VO gig late in the month, and since I went into that weekend feeling tuckered and worn, I figured that riding would wait.  In short, I started kind of weak and finished with a whimper as far as riding went.  So, there ya go.

We also had to put Hula down.  Technically, that happened this month, and I’ll probably write a bit about her in more detail. But, she was just pulling in and running down through the month of April.  Sad.  But, time.  And given the choice between riding or curling up with her on the couch, I must say, I opted for the latter.

Again, yoga helped a bit.  Was good on those days for stretching out the stress and sadness.  Was good because our phenomenal instructor added another session we can attend each week.  Had 10 days this last month.  Had a nice VO radio gig and television gig, then finished the month booking an eLearning program. Snuck in 16 riding days, and garnered 282 miles, sneaking in a few more trail rides, so that pushed down the mileage a bit, too. Mostly commutes, and those seemed to be the most direct commutes in memory, for the most part.

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  1. Harry H Says:
    Sorry to hear about Hula.