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February 2011
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Been There Since “Dial-up” Days
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 9:10 am

The iBob List is dead!  Long Live the iBob List!

“This is the last email to the internet-bob@bikelist.org mailing list. The list has moved to internet-bob@googlegroups.com.

To continue recieving list emails you will need to join the new group. You can do that by going to one of these two links:

It’s been a good decade of hosting this list, and I’ve been very happy to be the list admin and host during that time.

the next couple of weeks sending email to the old list will get you an
automatic reply with instructions on joining the new list. After that it
will cease to operate.

Alex Wetmore

Big thanks to Alex for wrangling this roadshow for so long, doing it so well and handling a myriad of interesting and often highly opinionated characters so adroitly.  And thanks to ride-buddy JimG for stepping up to manage the list now.

Guess I’ll have to update this page-

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Grant Petersen / 37Signals Interview
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 9:56 am

Rework is one of three books I read this past year which keep significantly resonating in my brain. (Well, there’s probably more than three now that I think about it, but ideas in Rework, plus Program or Be Programmed and The War Of Art seem to keep interlocking and reinforcing one another, and as such become more of a troika…)

The folks who penned Rework run 37Signals, which as near as I can tell, is a significantly creative, focused and intelligent company in the sense of “appropriate structure.”*  The person who tipped me to the book Rework was Grant Petersen, who (as y’all prolly know) formed Rivendell Bicycle Works after Bridgestone Bicycles USA shut down operations.

It’s roundly fitting that the folks at 37Signals would take a moment to sit down with Grant and interview him.  It’s a fine interview, and he may be still answering reader questions at the end of the article. 

Go read it:
Bootstrapped, Profitable & Proud

*remind me to do a blog post about “appropriate structure” sometime, or dig around the vinyl bins and find a copy of “Let the Power Fall” by Robert Fripp and read the back.  Or, here. (Though that person attributes it to Robert Fripp directly, my recollection was that he had transcribed it from elsewhere.  Since I sold that vinyl a while ago, it looks like a lunchtime trip to the used record shop is in order…)

A kindly lurking blog reader passed along this link to the Fripp album mentioned above.


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Kent P. Nails it Again - “Drive Fast”
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 9:34 am

I’d reckon that if you are interested in bicycles and spend much time knocking around the interwebbs (named, of course, after Jack Webb), you’ve run across Kent Peterson.  If not, it’s high time you did.   Even in the clamor of daily life, someone who decides to do the Great Divide Race on a singlespeed stands out.  If that was all he did, he’d be noticeable.  But, it isn’t.

Kent manages to write with a deceptive simplicity which elegantly nudges at complex problems and issues.  He writes about cycling, but seems to manage to reliably cover much larger topics.

Sunday’s writing is an excellent example:

Drive Fast


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SF Cyclists - Accident Report Site
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 10:40 am

Mirroring this post from the good folks over at Box Dog Bikes -

“A friend of
mine that works for the Bay Citizen came by the shop yesterday.  He said
they’re putting together a map that shows where all the bike accidents
are happening in San Francisco.  It will have a ton of data like what
are the causes, and what kinds of vehicles were involved when it
happened.  Unfortunately its based mostly on police reports, which
probably don’t reflect how many crashes there are in the city.  They are
launching this application on Monday and are trying to get some people
to submit their unreported accidents before then.  Please follow the link below to report yours.”

From the Bay Citizen:

“The Bay Citizen is asking bikers in San Francisco to submit
data about bike collisions they’ve experienced in the past in the Bay
Area. We’re building a new data application that displays collision
data in San Francisco on an in-depth interactive map, to help people
understand what’s happening on the streets and where more safety
measures are needed. We’re using data from SFPD, but we know many
accidents are never reported to the police. If you were in an accident
but never reported it, please take a couple minutes to fill out
this short form
and let us know where, when and how it happened. We will add your data
to this project, and we really appreciate your contribution!

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