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March 2008
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Lost Weekend?
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 4:27 pm

Two ridiculously georgeous SF Bay Area days, afore which work stuff had been caught up and there were no super-pending homefront projects. And on Thursday, I awaken with Wednesday night’s bongo-drum ears having migrated deeper into my brain, so that the room is pitching and rolling like 12 feet every 8 seconds.  The worst of the spinnies were gone by Friday AM, but knew that the last thing that I should be doing was grabbing miles.

So on Saturday, I tended to things like degunking the Hilsen drivetrain, which led to two photo shoots -
The Contents of the Toolbox: A Modern Archeology
Top Tier o' the Box - click through for more
First, lest ye forget that I am firmly guided by bike geekdom, I took photos of my toolbox contents. As I was going through the photos, my wife walked behind me and asked, with equal parts disbelief and fear, with just a stray shard hope, “Are you selling those?” Threw back my head and gave my best pirate laugh. Sellin’ ‘em?!  For how could I sell off a redundant 8mm hex wrench, or one of my multitude of 13/14 cone wrenches that I don’t even like to use?  I mean, I still have my Shimano 600EX headset wrenches (hey the Montare tended to come loose a lot…).  Luckily, before I vocalized my shock at the question with myriad examples of all the oddball things I should be selling off, my calm inner voice took over and I mumbled something like, “um, no. No, there was a thread about tools on the iBob list…” and let it ride. Luckily, there had been such a thread, though it now resided in the murky past of internet yesteryear (sometime more than a month ago).

and the second photo series:
Shiny Happy Hilsen
A. Homer Hiilsen - Clean and Sparkly
In which the A. Homer Hilsen benefits from a thorough removal of grease and gunk, brought on by the liberal use of Phil’s Tenacious Oil on the drivetrain, in anticipation of a thoroughly rain-soaked SF Randonneurs 200K last month.

And to make a nice day that much better, I found that a hidden spike held the first cymbidium blooms of this year.
First Cymbidiums in Bloom

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