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November 2005
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bikelist.org takes five
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 6:45 pm

When my email downloaded in seconds I figured something goofy was going on, and when no iBob posts appeared, that clinched it.

A quick visit to the bikelist.org search/archive page provided this info:

At about 9pm PST on 11/17/2005 the main bikelist.org email server and webserver had a catestrophic failure. I’m bringing it back online as fast as I can, but it may be a couple of days before things are online again. I’ll put updates on this page when I have them. At the current time I have no email access.

Friday 9:45am - It looks like we have not lost any data. I’m moving everything over to new disks now and recovering. The server is with me at work, so the earliest possible online time will be sometime this evening or tonight. -alex (running on 3.5 hours of sleep)

Friday 3:28pm - The motherboard won’t boot from IDE drives anymore. Buying a new machine this evening (hope not to blow the budget), good chance of being online tomorrow.

Friday 6:22pm - I think I figured out a solution without buying a new computer. Still looking at late tonight or tomorrow to be online.

alex wetmore (awetmore at gmail dot com, not reading it much)

It’s interesting to realize how much those lists and banter punctuate my day - no matter what drivel and such happens in work or elsewhere, the individuals and characters of the various bikelist.org lists help to take my mind out of the mundane and center it. 

It also helps to realize that alex wetmore runs the whole danged thing pretty much on his own, and without advertising tacked onto every post. So, I’d like to point out that this would be an excellent time to make a donation to help offset the costs (not to mention the time and effort spent). Unless it has changed, you should be able to paypal him a donation to alex@phred.org

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