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Tried and Liked 2006
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 12:30 am

This is sort of an annual sharing of items tried by iBob folks and enjoyed - here’s my entry:

Tried & Liked - 2006

Rivendell Quickbeam -
My Orange QB arrived at RBWHQ&L in early February and I had it set up and out on the roads by the weekend.  Long fixed-gear rides and singlespeed trail work - plus it even raced. From the time that bicycle was first announced, it just seemed right - I like CX, I like singlespeed mtb, I like fixed, and here’s a bicycle that lets me put all that together.  Plus, it’s comfy as heck and just seems to do everything pretty darned well.  You can trace some further blatherings looking for UCQT’s on the RBW list.

Showing up for Boring Meetings -
Mostly for the MCBC, an it’s interesting how much stuff gets done by those who just show up. Someday, those train tunnels will be open.

Getting Out for Mixed-Terrain Rambles -
Excellent company with Carlos D and JimG. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up doing a brevet yet…

650B -
Zeus project completed in 12/03/05, but then refined to its current state this year. Don’t want to appear as too much of a zealot, but try it if you can.  The Zeus has some limitations, but is a screamer on the commute route.

North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show -
If you can get there, see it. Really. Photos.

Racing Cross Again -
For various reasons, it had been about 3 or 4 years without toeing the line during winter. Too many damned excuses, and I’m glad to have gotten out there finally to remind myself what great fun you can have while trying to remember how to breathe.

Racing Cross on a Singlespeed -
Thank you Tarik - I have seen the light… Now if I can just turn the pedals over…

Pencam -
Before the pencam, I would bring a camera, but rarely take it out and use it due to worry about it. But, JimG (and I think Kent’s) enthusiasm pushed me to send off a couple burritos worth of money for the thing. It allows on-the-fly documentation which is fun for online applications, and has even held up for smaller prints. Plus, there’s no crying if I send it through the wash or run it through the fixed-gear drivetrain. 

Flickr -
Another thanks to JimG item.  Needed somewhere to stash all that digital ephemera and this really exceeded all expectations. I’d sworn off online photo storage as pretty hassle-filled, overly laden with visual noise and reasonably klunky.  Flickr passes the clean interface test, but gives enough flexibility to let you interact and relate things in a variety of ways.  Plus, you can dabble for free until you figure whether it’s for you.

Blogging: Reading and Doing -
Finished my first full year, and it’s certainly not much yet. But it has caused me to read more blogs around the virtual newstand, and there are some fine writers tapping into their keyboards - if I mention Kent’s, Tarik’s regular and enlightening blogging, please don’t take that to mean I don’t enjoy others - those are just two good examples to start reading, then let your interests tangent you along.

Bicycle Quarterly -
(VBQ was on last year’s, but since it’s got a new name, I get to add it again) Thank you Jan!

Music, Shows & Events -
Watching “The Minutemen: We Jam Econo” on DVD with my brother, then heading over to see Joan Jett live at the County Fair.
KT Tunstall Live in a KFOG-limited preshow
On the big screen: “World’s Fastest Indian”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Walk The Line”, “Brokeback Mountain”
Madeleine Peyroux live & her newest album
Gettting “The Triplets of Belleville” on DVD

Hall of Famers -
RBW & Rivendell Reader
everyone who took the time to send in photos and words to the cyclofiend galleries
Sheldon Brown
iBob List Members
and of course, alex, for hosting this non-traveling roadshow of lists & archives.

some links for above -
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
The Zeus 650B Project
Aiptek Pencams
Flickr Photo Pages
Kent’s Blog - http://kentsbike.blogspot.com/
Tarik’s Blog - http://tsaleh.blogspot.com/

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