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News Wire Feed
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Kudo’s to the Napa Valley Bicycle Coalition:

Napa Bicycle Coalition Receives $60K Grant

NOVEMBER 30, 2006
NAPA, CA (BRAIN)–With unanimous voter approval, the Eagles Cycling Club of Napa Valley voted to give a one-time grant of $60,000 to the burgeoning Napa County Bicycle Coalition during their November member meeting.

“I didn’t know if we would generate the votes to give the coalition the money or not, but after much discussion, members felt this was the best way the Eagles Cycling Club could serve the community,” said Eagles member Bob Hillhouse.

The Napa County Bicycling Coalition (NCBC), a bicycle advocacy group representing cyclists of Napa County and a member of the Thunderhead Alliance, plans to hire an executive director.

“An executive director will help the Napa County Bicycle Coalition move forward and be taken seriously by county planners and business leaders. There is a point where a professional is needed to help out a grass roots movement like this and the Eagles Cycling Club has made it possible for the NCBC to take that next step,” said Lou Penning, NCBC chairman.

The NCBC has participated in advocacy for various bicycle related Napa County projects, including Lincoln Avenue Bike lanes, the Measure H bicycle elements and Safe Routes in Schools, among others.

…and if someone knows where their website is, lemme know. The closest I can find is the reference off the Eagle Cycling Club site. Maybe that’s what some of the grant money will help develop. Best of luck gang - that’s nice country up your way!


Lance getting dirty:

Lance Armstrong to Race in Leadville Trail 100

DECEMBER 01, 2006
AUSTIN, TX (BRAIN)–Lance Armstrong is going to race competitively on two wheels once again, but this time it’s going to be on a mountain bike.

“The other bit of a challenge I want to do is a bit crazy,” said Armstrong, during the recent grand opening of the latest signature 24 Hour Fitness Lance Armstrong Sports Club in Austin, Texas. “It’s a mountain bike race in August held in Colorado called the Leadville 100. It’s about an eight to nine hour mountain bike race, mostly on single track that very few people do and even fewer finish.”

The race involves more than 11,000 feet of climbing over the 100-mile course at altitudes between 9,500 and 12,600 feet. Armstrong’s interest in the race was sparked by his coach Chris Carmichael, who raced the Leadville 100 this year for the first time.

“I told Lance that he needed to do Leadville,” Carmichael said. “That (New York City) marathon was nothing compared to slogging it out on a mountain bike for nine plus hours at altitude and in the rain. I guess I got him to accept the challenge.”


Kona lets you buy the AfricaBike, but you should buy two so they kick one down where it’s needed:

Kona Makes AfricaBike Available to Consumers

DECEMBER 01, 2006
FERNDALE, WA (BRAIN)–Based on high consumer demand demonstrated during the Botswana launch of Bicycling magazine’s BikeTown Africa last year, the Kona Bicycle Company will make the AfricaBike available for sale to the general public through Kona retailers, and starting in January, direct to consumers through www.konaworld.com.

In addition, Kona unveiled the new 2for1 AfricaBike sales program. For every two AfricaBikes sold worldwide, Kona will donate one AfricaBike to Bicycling’s BikeTown Africa project or to other non-profit and non-governmental organizations whose missions include helping to improve the quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa.

The AfricaBike was designed as a rugged, effective means of transportation that could handle all of the unique social and environmental challenges of Africa. The AfricaBike will be available in two versions: the original single speed design ($275), and a 3-speed version ($325) with an internal Shimano 3-speed hub.

To learn more about Kona’s AfricaBike, visit
www.konabiketown.com and www.myspace.com/africabike.


In more local news, the 5th and final cyclocross race of the Bay Area Prestige Series went off Sunday - the CCCP (Cyclo Cross at Coyote Point) took place under beautiful (albeit non-cx) weather, featured a reasonably long circuit with a pretty good variety of topography and surfaces (80 yard beach runs are always fun), with excellent organization and a highly supportive crowd.  I thumped along on the Quickbeam, running my single gear in the age-group B race. Felt better this time than SF a couple weeks ago, and had fun duking with the guys who were going at my pace. Results. More updates and photos links probably tomorrow.  But, the clear and happy thought;

We are darned lucky to have such a high-quality series in our area. 


Next year, I start running much, much earlier…


2 Responses to “News Wire Feed”

  1. tarik Says:
    Mmmm, africa bike with studded tires for next winter I think. I have been trying to finda humumuwikibobo used and cheap for winter commuting/basketed/cruising/epic accidental mtb ride on the way home duty, but maybe the africabike might be the choice. I miss the quality close cross races. The abq series is at 10:30 for the A’s 2 hours away. Nyerk. I still can’t believe that 1,2,5,6,7,8,10 in the mens elite from cccp were all probably at the last norcal/nevada districts in 2000 when I last raced them. Weird. Aside from the socal young noble, is there any new norcal blood?!? Good job on the single speeding of your cross life.
  2. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Thanks Tarik! Nothing like four hours of drivetime for a one hour race.