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June 2024
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Legolas Again
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 12:53 pm
See the photo set - click here
Veronica over at TandemHearts just took delivery on the second Rivendell Legolas which I’ve seen (virutally) in the wild.  Light & beautiful. I’m still waiting for an “in-the-steel” sighting…

Read about it here. See it here.

FWIW - I usually keep an aggregation of RBW updates and gossip on my “Rivendell Page

4 Responses to “Legolas Again”

  1. jim g Says:
    It’s certainly a nice bike, but I wonder why she decided to buy a purpose-built CX frame and set it up as a brevet bike, vs. getting a Ramboulliet or a custom Riv frame purpose-built as a brevet bike…? Riv specifically says the Legolas is a race bike: “Please don’t get one with the intention of using it as a lightweight version of an Atlantis”.
  2. The Cyclofiend Says:
    wellll…. I wondered about that too, but the end of the sentance clarified it a bit for me: “– it’s not designed for loaded touring.” That’s when I started pondering the potential cross over for current style cross bikes into brevet-type useage. I honestly haven’t begun comparing frame spec’s, but had thoughts about using the Poprad that way, as it has the decemt fender clearance, etc…
  3. Veronica Says:
    Why the Legolas? In my frame size it has nearly the same geometry as my Rambouillet, but weighs less. I wanted a bike I knew I could be comfortable on for a long time. It took me 17 hours to finish the Mount Tam Double. When I went in to order the bike, Mark and I talked for a long time about what I wanted to do with the bike. At the time I wasn’t considering brevets, just doubles. The brevet insanity came after. :-) I’d have loved a custom! I would have considered it if the wait wasn’t so long. A cold has kept me off the bike this week, so the longest ride I’ve done on it is 40 miles. It seems to accelerate faster and has more responsive handling than the Rambouillet. I plan to do a controlled ride up Diablo, keeping my HR in a specific range, so I can get a legitimate comparision of time. I expect it will only save me 3 minutes or so on Diablo. But scale that to a ride like the Devil Mountain Double, it becomes an hour. That is important when you’re on a bike for 17+ hours. Veronica
  4. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Thanks Veronica! It’s nice to get more info on what led you to the purchase of that beautiful bicycle.