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March 2011 Milage
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A dismal success?

I don’t know,  that’s what it felt like this past month.  Dismal in the beginning, successful towards the end. As mentioned last month, I knew that Jan/Feb were going to be impossible for free time and energy.  Mentally ready for a slowish start to the year, the nasty flu/infection kind of blindsided me. In the last week of February, it felt like a cold coming on, then just rooted itself into my brain and ate all of my energy.   A solid three weeks of no extra energy and certainly no riding.

And the weather helped by remained cold and rainy for most of it.  Which I guess is not as bad as looking out the window at gorgeous riding conditions. But, to paraphrase my old rowing coach, “…cycling is an outdoor sport” and since most of my bikes are rigged appropriately for changing conditions, it’s really hard to say that there’s “riding weather”.  There’s glorious and easy days out in the sun and there’s hard and challenging days which make for great stories. But I digress…

The first week riding, I was pretty wiped out after four easyish commutes, and opted for naps and recovery on the weekend., and then, with the first day of spring, strung together a consistent run except for one day when I needed to be behind the mic in the middle of the day.  The second half of the month I rode 14 days out of 18, managed to get back to my yoga classes and in general came back to life.  And just to show how much Nature appreciated that, she even deigned to bring the sun out with Monday’s ride.

By the end of the week, I engaged in two rides whilst wearing shorts. While shocking and unsettling to any onlookers who may have observed the pallor of my gams, it nonetheless felt grand.

March Mileage - 184
2011 Bikey Miles - 598

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