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May 2024
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December Mileage / Year End Totals
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 12:18 pm

December went out like a jellyfish.  Busier than heck with one work project (which will be continuing through this month), some nice VO  bookings and rain/recouping on the weekends kept the December (oh yeah! December…. there were some holiday things in there, too.) ride total to precisely 100 miles. 

Not specifically complaining, as it has been a pretty good and steady run this past year, without the severe dips caused by overdoing things and then having to pay the price, healthwise. One curious anomaly was that I actually attended up attending more yoga classes in December than getting rides. 

Another curious bit of statistical coincidence was that I rode 185 days out of the 365 last year and hit exactly the same number of rides in 2010. 

So -
December bikey miles - 100

2010 Total Bike Mileage - 3,868

I’m fine with that total.  Didn’t get hit this year. Didn’t stress at not hitting the 4K mark (a semi-goal for the year).  Down a bit from the 4,131 last year, but considering the increase in time demands,  quite within reason. 

One thing that has occurred to me is what a gift it is to be able to easily and regularly commute by bicycle. My current work project has me running about 35 miles one way to where I need to be - a rideable distance, but a big logistical change from my normal distance.  I may have to go back to “going for a ride” before or after.  It’s been a while since I had to do that, and the habits, steps and momentum needed to get kitted up and out the door are a bit rusty.   Something to work on in the new (well, current) year.

Managed to miss the Grand Opening of the Cal Park Tunnel, but did get to ride through it yesterday.

1100 feet of crisp and clean tunnel retrofit yummyness.

More video -
North End Access
Southern Terminus

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