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May 2024
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May Mileage
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Even with a fairly meh amount of miles this month, I feel pretty good about it.  Had some good, steady rides despite the fact that the spring weather has been stuck in it’s end-of-winter gear (yeah, yeah… it’s a “California” Winter…).   Commuted regularly.  Lost two weekends of decent riding conditions to engineering at some voiceover workshops, then a full week when my wife and I got suddenly pounded by a nasty little cold. (She got the worst of it - I just had a few days of bongo and cellophane ears, with the accompanying lack-of-wanting-to-do-anything energy malaise.)

It was also kind of a crappy month, as we started it by saying goodbye to our dog Hula, who moved on back on the 3rd.  I have a rough outline of her story, but haven’t managed to make it readable yet.  More tough news from a couple of friends are dealing with some reasonably heavy stuff, and that always is tough to watch happen. They are good, strong people. But, that doesn’t make it easier for them while it unfolds.  Makes you pause.  Well, it makes me pause.  Look around. Try to lose the unnecessary stuff. Hone what you can, and let those whom you hold dear know why they are important.

Y’know, y’never know…

This was supposed to be about riding, right?

Riding. Life.  All intermingled and important. Riding the momentum of actions which we set in motion. A curiously simple and complex mechanism.


Managed 15 days riding this month, with a couple “Rides of Accomplishment” (i.e. those which left me happily drowsy on the couch afterwards.   So, May ended up with 354 miles ridden, and I snuck into 8 yoga sessions.  No one thanked me for riding with fenders for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, which thereby guaranteed a gloriously sunny and wonderfully weathered day.  Things finished off with a good momentum. 

Here’s to momentum.

Bikey Miles so
far in 2010 - 1849

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