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June 2024
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Another Danged Blog
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 8:27 am

Somewhere in the redefinition of google id’s back in ‘07, a blogger
slot appeared in my cyclofiend at gmail profile. Since I’d already been posting here for a while, it had more
or less been sitting as a placeholder since then, quietly pointing readers to this blog and the Cyclofiend.com Gallery pages.  It finally dawned on me that I might have a use for it.

My plan starting in April of MMX  is to use this to feature new additions to the Cyclofiend.com Galleries. I’m not
quite sure how that will manifest; maybe picking a new entry from the
batches as they get uploaded, maybe highlighting an earlier entry which catches my attention

I’d been posting updates over on my twitter feed, but that requires folks follow that, and putting photos in a post is problematic. Yeah, you can link to a photo, but what I really want to do is show a photo and have that link to the Gallery entry. 

It also lets me get around some of the issues with this blogging setup I’m using here. While it was pretty danged good in ‘05 when I started doing this, my hosting company hasn’t adapted or updated it.  There’s another version for blogging software they are now making available, which may mean an entirely different stream.  Haven’t pursued it enough yet to know the trade offs and potential issues. 

Right now, this blog is not robust enough to support even the slightest add-ins or modifications. It won’t work with google analytics (can’t get under the hood far enough to post the code), won’t let me feed in an RSS from twitter, doesn’t seem to play with any kind of monetization setup.  That sort of thing.

By using the Cyclofiend.blogspot.com venue, I can separate things out a bit.  This venue has always been musings to the side of the Gallery, and now I can focus the other one on what is happening within the Galleries.

Because it’s a blogger-based setup, it’s pretty easy and familiar if you want to tap an RSS feed from it, follow it via Facebook or what have you. I’m sure it will continue to be refined as things move along, but for now, there it is.


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