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May 2024
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February Mileage
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 11:25 pm

A wacky, wacky month, schedule-wise.  Covering some other’s vacation scheudules at work, voiceover work and classes, family stuff and making sure the little dog had someone at home when she needed to go out all conspired to distract me from riding. 

I’d grump about the weather, but that was really only an issue for a couple of the days - when the aforementioned things had me worn down enough that I could tell riding through a downpour to work in an unheated back room was not the brightest move. And all of that sounds much more negative than things have been - they’ve just been busy, and busy is good.

Rode only 12 days this month, and nothing of note, distance-wise, so the February mileage notched in at 286.  Got in 7 yoga sessions, which have continued to feel better each time. And there were a few days when it felt like honest-to-goodness spring weather.  The hills are green and it’s that wonderful time of year when everything is scrubbed and promising.

The coolest thing was getting a chance to see my brother speak over at Books, Inc. in Berkeley for the launch of his book - Cheesemonger, A Life on the Wedge.  Good turnout, great cheese and fun to hear him read and comment on cheese, punk rock and worker-owned coop business models in a public forum.  (There are other readings around the Bay Area, and he’ll be heading up to Portland later this month - events listing yonder.)

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far in 2010 - 790

One Response to “February Mileage”

  1. Harry H Says:
    A copy of your brother’s book is on its way to me. I’d like to hear him talk about the book on the 14th if I’m still functional after my 0300 software install at work that morning. You got more riding in this month than I did.