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May 2024
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January Mileage
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 11:59 pm

Gotta love a month that gives you 5 weekends and a brevet.  There’s bound to be some statistical assistance from that sort of help. 

Actually missed one weekend of riding - had a voice acting workshop - and then under-miled things the week before the brevet.  Ended up riding only 14 days this month, but extended the average ride distance a bit. With today’s little loop, ended up at 504 miles for the month.  Also got in a most excellent New Year’s Day hike, plus 6 yoga sessions (teacher was out for a week beginning of the month).

The yoga has been good - especially for what I’ve been calling “anti-cycling” movements. Things like arching your back, opening your chest, stretching your hamstrings and pinning back your shoulder blades have really contributed to much more comfort on the bicycle (and off as well.)  I’ve been really lucky to find an excellent teacher, which makes a huge difference.

And, just not to miss the main point, it’s been a heckuva nice month for riding - got a chance to meet and ride with a few folks that I’d known only on the interwebs, plus enjoyed a nice loop with Gino and JimG, and had some truly grand days out.  A fine start to the year.

Bikey Miles so far in 2010 - 504

2 Responses to “January Mileage”

  1. Lee Says:
    Kudos on the yoga (and the cycling mileage). I’ve been meaning to re-start my practice since I started up this whole long-riding thing on my bike, which began last spring. After steady riding, I’ve found that 1) I own quads, and 2) my hammies, glutes, and lower back are tighter than ever. Oh yeah, my traps sometimes suffer, too. Twice a month on the yoga mat is my current goal. When our paths cross, maybe I can pick up a few tips from you.
  2. The Cyclofiend Says:
    For me two per week seems to help keep the balance, both in terms of “anti-cycling” movements and more general well-being. I’d go a third time if the instructor had another class. I think that’s really key - we’ve been lucky to find a very high quality instructor, which really makes a huge difference. There have been many times (a couple on the brevet) when movements from the yoga have let me relax and recover on the bike.