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May 2024
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November Mileage
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 12:43 am

A nice solid month, aided by the helpful holiday (snuck in an extra 45 mile ride which would have been difficult on a work day…), better health and ridiculously nice weather. 

Ended up riding 21 days and covering 468 miles this month, mostly on the Quickbeam. (Do fixed miles count extra?), Managed steady commute mileage and a nice steady chunk of 40+ mile rides.  Actually began to feel good now and again, found myself seatedly climbing up pitches that had been tongue-waggers at the beginning of November.  Managed  7 sessions of yoga (no class on Thanksgiving…) and didn’t run at all.  The last item doesn’t really bother me, as it’s pretty clear that this year’s CX campaign is minimal at best.  Ahhh well, happens that way sometimes.  The first SFR 200K is less than 60 days away…

Got the Dawes running again, which it deserved.  Stately and simple.
Dawes at the marsh

Any month that ends with the ceremonial removal of a worn out Pasela has got to be good.  This one had moved back and forth between the Quickbeam and the Hilsen, where it ended its days.  I thought maybe I’d scraped through there due to skidding (traffic related… I do not skid-stop, or skip-stop or anything like that).  But, after removing it, there were numerous other “show-throughs”.  The tire felt paper thin in the center.  I do love wearing bits out…

Sometimes, I get a little edgy this time of year, as the nights lengthen and sunlight seems tenuous at best.  But, so far, there hasn’t been that holding-on-until-the-Solstice feeling, whether aided by lunchtime loops, the feeling of good things coming together or the aforementioned ridiculously glorious weather.  Three more weeks until the Solstice, and then the days start getting longer again.

3609 Bikey Miles so far for 2009.

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  1. Jim G Says:
    So jealous!