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June 2018
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August Mileage
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Any month that starts off with a Century should have a good leg up on garnering a couple miles.  I think this is actually my first 400+ mile month so far this year.  Starting to feel “lankier” on the bike, which my internal term for feeling like there’s more room to move around a little bit better power here and there. It’s a good thing.  It ended with a nice string of 13 rides in the last 16 days of the month.

Garnered 446 miles on 18 riding days.  Had a really, really low energy weekend the week after riding the Marin Century with Gino, and had two high priority projects the following week, so I kinda pulled in my horns and schlumpfed around the house to make sure I was 100% for those things, then only got one ride in the following week.   Mostly Hilsen miles, though I was using the Zeus and all its 650B goodness for some commutes this month.  Haven’t got the Quickbeam back together, but I’m definitely wanting to have it up and running soon.

The ‘Cross itch has kinda started, and you can hear the stirrings in the hills as the practitioners of this Dark Art awaken.  The plodding must commence this coming month, for McLaren lies in wait in early October…  Actually did manage some light singletrack miles here and there, which is the first since the accident.

Yoga’d 8 times this month.  Have been chipping away at the Marin Century writeup a paragraph or two at a time, which strikes me as a bit ridiculous, as it was now exactly a month ago.  But, I’m also trying to sleep more consistently, which is why I’m cutting this post off here.

2009 Bikey Miles So Far - 2733

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