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April 2024
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Hands are Important, Too
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 10:05 am

Didn’t mean for this to become an appendage-focused theme or anything, but I spent last evening getting my neck, shoulder and hand x-rayed and finger sewn up.

Seems it’s never a good idea to let someone suddenly open up their truck door into you and try to use your finger as the padding.  Especially when you are underway in your lane, heading for home at the end of day.  Go figure.

As I mentioned on the Flickr page,
you do get a nifty bracelet. And tie-job.

Other salient facts:
About a dozen stitches to sew up a pretty good laceration. Caught it
all on the paw and then tumbled. Got to ride in an ambulance on a back board with
neck brace until the xray’s convinced ‘em no bone breakage. Shoulder,
neck and hand were concern. The police have the quickbeam so I won’t
know until I pick it up today. Feel like I’m typing with mittons. Pretty stiff and sore today.

More later, got some errands to do, obviously.

15 Responses to “Hands are Important, Too”

  1. beth h Says:
    Crap! You got the door prize.
    I’m SO sorry (been there, done that). I hope the damage to your hand isn’t significant or permanent.
    Ugh. Rest up and feel better –B
  2. Tina Says:
    I am sooo sorry to hear this. To a quick recovery!
  3. Greg Says:
    Wow! Sorry this happened Jim.
    Did you file a police report? Was there any damage to your bike?

    CVC (CaliforniaVehicleCode) 22517 When a car door is opened into traffic and it creates a hazard, it is a citable offense.

    Hope your finger heals completely and quickly. Greg
  4. Gordon, Jim's brother Says:
    Dude! Glad you are (relatively) ok.
  5. clyde, c Says:
    Hate to hear of your mishap. Hope those mitts mend quickly! Take Care Jim. Clyde in VA
  6. Nicholas Grieco Says:
    Best wishes for timely and comfortable healing-
  7. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Thanks all! Really kind words, thoughts and advice!

    I’ll probably write up some more specifics, but I was riding where I should have been when there was a big flash of white and a hardy pain in my hand. Guess the guy had been sitting in his truck and chose that moment…

    Got to ride in on a back board, as I wasn’t sure if I got knocked out and had back and neck pain. Police were on scene and took a report. Ambulance. X-Rays. Sewing.

    Haven’t really had a chance to go through the bike yet.

    Sorry not to reply to everyone individually - not moving as fast as normal.
  8. Patrick Moore Says:
    Jim: I hope you recover quickly and fully. Good luck.
  9. Joe Ramey Says:
    Wishing you a speedy recovery Jim.
  10. bongobike Says:
    Sorry about your accident. Been there, done that too. In my case I hit the very edge of the car door with the fleshy side of my right calf. I too went down immediately and the pain was incredible. I was writhing and moaning on the street. Luckily, I didn’t break anything, just had swelling of the muscle, stiffness and pain for a long time. I discovered Vicodin in the ER. At first it felt great…then I vomited. No more of that stuff for me!
  11. Lynne F Says:
    Ouch! Hope you and your bike have a speedy recovery!
  12. Charlie J Says:
    Been there, done that! I’m feeling for ya’. Hope you and the Quickbeam can hit the roads and trails soon. Make sure to follow doctor’s advice on hand exercises to rebuild grip and not have any soft tissue issues.
  13. Ryan Says:
    Jim sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you heal up soon and that your ‘beam is ok when you get it back. I have not gotten the door prize, yet, but have done the asphalt lufa many times so I know its no fun to go down. Hope there are happy trails for you soon. Ryan
  14. Carsten Dahl Nielsen Says:
    Sorry to read about your accident - hope you heal up OK. I was through the same in Copenhagen in the middle of the 80┬┤ties - on a bouleward racer I rode on the bikepath - the door opened in over as I passed another bicycle, why I couldn’t turn right - I had to go through the opened car door. Hope the bike is OK too …
  15. George Millwood Says:
    I’ve yet to hit a door, have hit gravel, sand, ashphalt and concrete so I feel your pain. Get well soon the world needs riders..