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Your Trail Access Alert Minute
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This crossed my inbox the other day courtesy of the fine folks over at Access4Bikes.com - Another glimmer on the horizon, crack in the brick wall or some other metaphor indicating that old paradigms may finally be breaking down.  Specifically, they’ve been working for some time to permit limited cycling access to Bill’s Trail in Samuel P. Taylor Park to bikes.  I’ve hiked this trail and personally support this idea demonstrating that well constructed trails can be shared by all users.  It would make a really nice connector for mixed terrain rides, to be sure.

Letters of support are needed NOW. Deadline for comments is June 26th. IMBA is helping get the word out by mounting a National Campaign. You can go to the IMBA website and fill out their form.

It is quick and easy.  I managed to do it before I had any coffee -

Bill’s Trail Comment Page at IMBA.com

The rest of the text below is copied from the email I received.  The salient info is included and did I mention that the the deadline to comment is June 26, 2009?

Take Action! Tell California State Parks you support their decision to open Bill’s Trail to bicycles. The commentary period ends on June 26.

Or send your own email to Roy McNamee at:  rmcnamee@parks.ca.gov before June 26th.

Additional Information on the Proposal
California State Parks has announced a proposal to open singletrack for mountain biking in Samuel P. Taylor Park, Marin County. The agency plans to permit bicycle use on the 4-mile Bill’s Trail segment on alternate days and is soliciting public comment on the project.
This landmark opportunity is the direct result of more than three years of partnership building with the parks department by IMBA California, Access4Bikes and the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin. A successful opening of Bill’s Trail will set the stage for bicycle access to several other singletrack trails in Marin.

Bill’s Trail
Located within the Mt. Tamaplais watershed in Samuel Taylor State Park, Bill’s Trail winds through native ferns, wildflowers and hazelnut trees. It averages a reasonable 7-percent grade, and its six switchbacks provide riders with multiple views of the surrounding landscapes. While it is expected that bike access on Bill’s Trail will be limited to alternate days at first, the parks department states that this stipulation will be open to further review.
A small number of local hiking and equestrian groups have vowed to fight against any new access for mountain biking in Marin County, despite plentiful evidence that well-designed trails can be successfully shared by various user groups, and that mountain biking is a sustainable, low-impact form of recreation. “I think that, broadly speaking, the community of trail users in Marin is ready for this,” says IMBA California Policy Advisor Tom Ward. “We have seen great success with our volunteer mountain bike patrol program there. Mountain bikers care deeply about protecting the gorgeous trails and natural areas in Marin, and we will continue working with like-minded groups.” 

Thank you for taking the time to be active.

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