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July 2024
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A Curiously Optimistic Morning
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 8:04 am

This last week had little-to-no riding for me. After feeling fine-ish last Monday, I woke up Tuesday with bongo ears and zeeeero energy.  Whimpered and slept and managed to work from home for a couple days, finally feeling like whatever it was hadn’t quite gotten it’s puppy teeth into me by Thursday.  But, by then it was catchin’ up and classes/engineering  all weekend.

On the upside, I popped out of bed before the alarm clock for the first time since Tashi’s passing, and didn’t feel like I still needed a couple more hours of sleep.  As everyone who doesn’t live in California’s photos show, the leaves are turning (oh yes!) and nature is getting serious about fall now. Out back, the winter’s lemon crop is starting to swell on the single tree. Things feel as though they are shifting, locking in, settling a bit somehow.

Maybe it was sleeping solidly all night, might have been successfully finishing the crossword with my wife last night, maybe it’s the silence of morning, before anyone but the squirrels are up.

Change is in the air.  Slightly ominous events like talented ride buddies pondering  the threat of layoffs, but reaffirming journies like LFoaB landing on the West Coast, a historic election next week with the ensuing epic laundry list of issues to solve. More tiny indicators from the morning fog to the reverential quiet of the crows this morning.  All smaller issues in the grand flow of things, but somehow clicking like tumblers, dropping into place with a reassuring resonance. The general sense of petty fears and confusion dropping away, like a bit of debris in the wake on a calm sea.

And, I’ll be riding today.

5 Responses to “A Curiously Optimistic Morning”

  1. Mike Says:
    Looks like you may be heading out to Pt. Reyes. Keep you eyes open on the new wetlands that were created yesterday when an excavator busted loose the final levee that was holding back the waters of Tomales Bay. Should prove some interesting and new views pedaling through Inverness. I’m going to do a ride up and down both sides of the bay in a few minutes.
  2. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Oooooh I wish. Nope, today is just the commute-route. Just posted that (old) photo ‘cuz it seemed to suggest the same type of feeling. I’ll have to head out your way soon. Enjoy the ride!
  3. beth h Says:
    Where is that photo? Is that by your house? I’m jealous. Have a beautiful ride.
  4. The Cyclofiend Says:
    That was taken out on Sir Francis Drake Blvd heading north-ish on Tomales Bay (before the first big hill) on the 2007 SFR 200K. I’ve mapped roughly where it is if you follow the link through to Flickr. Don’t be jealous - I was just happy to be commuting-riding today after no riding last week - although I do have the lights packed if I decide to veer off on the way home.
  5. Andy Says:
    More fall colors at http://www.flickr.com/photos/awilliams53/