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July 2024
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Deep Roots
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 6:26 am

The heritage of “mixed-terrain” rides has far-reaching roots in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Logging roads, farm paths, ex-military routes all snake through the hills of this region in various stages of disrepair and recollection. Many of these have been turned into the ubiquitous “Fire Roads” which make up many of the favored routes away from traffic. 

Beginning sometime back in the late 70’s, cycling iconoclast Jobst Brandt led folks on what became known as the legendary “Jobst Rides”. These were cross-country and fire road epics which were tackled on “bikes” - before mountain bikes as a genre existed. Flickr and RBW List buddy David E. found this link to a run of about 100 photos from these rides - it’s interesting to see the simple machines they used to deal with such a variety of terrain.  You can almost see the wheels turning in Tom Ritchey’s head as they negotiate the lumps and bumps of the routes. (And you can certainly tell the by the level of exhaustion in the faces of most riders that these weren’t easy little jaunts…)


(Note - it takes a while to load)

9 Responses to “Deep Roots”

  1. Gino Says:
    Hey Jim, I think you have a free radical in your link to the Jobst pics. :-)
  2. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Oops. Pardon my space! Fixed now, so it should work mo’ bettah!
  3. Roman Holiday Says:
    Great photos - thanks for posting.
  4. Cyclotourist Says:
    Thanks for the shout-out! :-) Those look like such great rides. Pure underbiking! The link was forwarded to me by another flickrer through the I’m convinced that any bike can go anywhere, just some are slower at it and wear you out a bit more in the process…
  5. Cyclotourist Says:
    My html skillz need help…
  6. Jim G Says:
    To the south we must venture and investigate!
  7. jimg Says:
    Well, it goes back even further than Jobst… http://reneherse.com/images/Photo01-1.JPG
  8. Carlos D Says:
    This brought tears to my eyes. With a bad leg for about 1-2 months I have been limited to very mellow rides with very little dirt. Can’t wait to get well and go on more epic adventures. ABTD, any bike, any terrain, any day.
  9. The Cyclofiend Says:
    Carlos - I’m really sorry to hear that leg has been such trouble - seems like it’s been a rough spring for all of us this year. We definitely deserve a nice long, mixed-terrain epic ride with good weather and the usual excellent company! - Jim