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January 2019
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Mark Rosenberg is a person who has been on the iBob list for a good while.  He’s also submitted really nice photos to the Current Classics Gallery and has one of the coolest looking dogs I’ve ever seen.  He works as a chiropractor down in Southern California, and has a very helpful website  - howtostretch.com - describing stretching excercises in a clear and helpful manner.

He’s also one wing down, courtesy of a nasty little moto crash.  The specifics of the reconstruction are a little disturbing, but here are the facts he related after coming home from further evaluation:

“Just got back from the ortho. My distal radius is broken in two places at least. That’s the good news.

The end of my radius shattered like glass, there are too many fragments to see much less count. Even though I tend to be the “hippy/natural guy/holistic doctor and herbal medicine for everything” kind of dude, I can see there is no option but surgery. He said it was one of the worst breaks he has ever seen. He has been in practice over 25 years and treats a ton of famous extreme athletes (moto cross, bmx, surfers, skaters, UFC)

I go in Tomorrow 8AM, I will probably come out with an external fixator rod, and the doc says he does not know of a plate that can cover the break.  I may get several plates.  Maybe Nitto makes one.  Hopefully fillet brazed.

I won’t be working for a long time. I hope I can return to my work as a chiropractor, does not look hopeful.  Not sure when i can ride again.  Might sell my Bruce Gordon, its bars are way lower than the saddle, its doubtful i will be able to put weight on my bars.

Now, I just have to worry about making my bills until there is a settlement or my disability kicks in.”

Here’s the pitch - Mark had been working on a DVD of stretching which he had recently finished.  It’s available on his website - http://www.howtostretch.com/dvdsforsale.html - for a paltry $18.  Personally, I’m going to expand my video library this evening.  Lord knows I’ve spent more money for a less quality film. 

He’s also got some things for sale - not the BG yet - over here

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