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March 2013
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Parking in Fairfax? Good Earth Requests Your Consideration
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Hot off the MCBC email newsletter - Are you one of the folks who drives to Fairfax to start your bike rides?  No judgement from this corner, to be sure (though there are certainly a number of very direct bike-only routes if you live in marin.) If so, please take a moment to read this request from the fine folks at Good Earth Natural Foods.


4. Parking recommendations for Fairfax rides

Parking at Fairfax PlazaThe Good Earth grocery store in Fairfax has
asked MCBC to spread the word about their parking request.

Before the store moved to its new Center Blvd. location in 2012, the
lot was a launch spot for many road and mountain bike rides.  This
tradition has continued, but added pressures to keep parking spaces
available for Good Earth customers has led the store management to
post a notice (see below) on parked cars.

Please use their suggested other parking locations to reduce the
pressure on the store’s immediate parking lots when you anticipate
taking a multi-hour ride.

    Hello Visitor,

    Parking here in the West lot of the Fairfax Plaza has changed
dramatically from its many years of previous uses. We ask you politely
and with much consideration to respect the business needs of all of
our approximately 35 local businesses here at the Fairfax Plaza.

    All Fairfax Plaza surface lots are to be used by customers of our
shopping center.

    The option to “park & go off” to other areas, is NO LONGER allowed
in any of the lots here at Fairfax Plaza, regardless of the time away
from your car.

    The 90 minute and 120 minute time zones are in place for
patrons/clients of the businesses; whether stopping for lunch or
dinner, massage, a workout at health club, a tax consultation, etc.
all of us need all of the spaces.

    Hey Biking Community: Many of the businesses have flourished here
because of your ability to park and ride off and then return as
patrons to our businesses; whether it’s The Java Hut, Iron Springs
Pub, Good Earth, etc., there is certainly appreciation for your past
and continued business.  We want you to know we DO APPRECIATE your
choice to spend with all of us.

    Other extended parking outlets nearby:
    We, as Good Earth, are at least temporarily, offering up our old
locations (1966 & 2000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd) for you to continue to
park and ride off to those treasured biking areas and trails.  Please
feel free to use those two properties just west of here to park and
ride off.


    Al Baylacq, Good Earth Partner
    Rich Hall, Fairfax Plaza Property Owner

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