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January 2010
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Cyclofiend Site Updates & Notes
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 1:49 pm

Things got too danged wacky into the holidays, so I had to pull the plug on Gallery Updates for the last few weeks of 2009.  If you sent me photos and a writeup, it’s in the queue more than likely.  My ethical dilemma at this point is whether to include those bicycles in the 2009 site counts or consider them as 2010 entries.

Wow.  I have “fiscal year” issues…

The 2010 Cyclofiend.com Calendar looks like a “GO” at this point.  The plan is it to run it February to January (with 2011’s running the traditional calendar again), if I can get a firm commitment (which has not been forthcoming) from the printer on turnaround time. That’s this week’s project.  I’m finalizing image choices and obtaining hi-rez versions this week also. Please do not order anything until I make the official announcement to the blog (hey that’s here), twitter, the cyclofiend.com site and via online groups of note (you’re also likely to get an email if you ordered the 2009 calendar).

Thanks… no.  A HUGE THANKS! to those folks who made end o’ the year donations to the site.  I really appreciate your support of this no longer so little venture.  As traffic and entries have crept ever upwards, so has the cost of running this enterprise. Your donations help to offset the real server expenses which are incurred.  It’s always gratifying to hear that this collection of bicycle images, thoughts and natterings has helped or inspired.

Look for Gallery updates beginning next week.  Thanks again for your support and enjoyment. 

Here’s to a great MMX!

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Market Street in 1905
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Posted by: The Cyclofiend @ 12:27 pm

This has very, very little to do with cycling, but I really enjoyed this slightly slo-mo’d version of a cable car ride down Market Street in San Francisco.  I’ve always been drawn to historical footage, but this one is really clean (Thanks to voice actor David J for posting a link to it!).

I’m not sure what part I like the best - the kid on the bike at around 30 seconds in is pretty good, especially as you can see a cable-car-awaiting pedestrian get totally freaked out as he approaches while looking back at the camera.

But, then the pedestrians in general get a big vote - the sauntering, let’s-see-how-close-the-car-can-get-to-me, pace of those crossing in front; the sheer joy of the kid at running at a perfect pace to stay ahead of the street car. 

The cross traffic is stunning as well.  Reminds me of being out on the bay in a boat, caught near a turn in a sailing race, where folks are cutting right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As Lou Reed once said, “..those were different times.”

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